Lupines-one of the many varieties of flowers you will experience at Amil’s Inn.

Spring time is always a very busy time at Amil’s Inn.  Your Innkeepers, Anita and David, enjoy making the grounds of Amil’s Inn as beautiful as possible for our guests to enjoy during their stay with us.  Not only will the guests have flower gardens to enjoy but also several vegetable gardens as well.

As you drive into Amil’s Inn one of the first gardens you will see will be the “heart” shaped flower garden which is outlined by a row of hostas and within the “heart” are many different varieties of perennials. The “heart” is to let people know that they will find warm hospitality during their stay at Amil’s  Inn as well as a reminder that Wilton is the “heart” of the Sparta-Elroy Bike Trail which is a great place to start their trek on the Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail.  After you are parked and are ready to enter the Inn, you will be enjoying some perennials and annuals that are planted on both sides of the entrance sidewalk to the front door. 

After you are settled in our guests are welcome to walk the grounds to enjoy the vegetable gardens and other flower gardens.  Grassed walkways have been placed throughout the vegetable gardens so that the guests are able to observe our plantings more closely.  The only thing we ask is that if a weed says, “pull me” don’t hesitate to comply with their request!!!!

Your Innkeepers strive to make your visit to Amil’s Inn as simple, comfortable and cozy as possible and we trust that our flower and vegetable gardens will help you experience just that.  We hope to see you soon.